Monday, April 9, 2012

REAL! Little man Ties!

I just recently made Little man Ties from this tutorial! You know for those little studs in your life who don't wear onesies anymore but still want to look sharp on those special occasion days. I can just picture a bride wanting several of them for the little boys in her family to look so handsome at her wedding. 

Here is the real deal Tie... well kind of! They have a real knot, they just slip over the head and fit loosely around the neck. They are secured with elastic that easily stretches over the head yet still fit loosely around the neck. The best part is... the elastic isn't visible because the collar will cover it! What do you think? I haven't posted any on eBay yet. I'm getting my feelers out there to see if I generate any buzz around them. :)

Check out this handsome stud, my little nephew Rome!

Ok, so I totally know he clashes in this pic below but it is kind of a cool design, maybe it wont be that popular with everyone but Aubrey (my sister, Rome's mom) really liked the design. This goes to show I can make exactly what you want. Just give me a color scheme and idea I'll run with it!

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