Saturday, November 15, 2014

Holiday Fashion and More Market 2014

I am at the Holiday Fashion and More Market 2014 @ Highland Village, 2870 Ruby Vista Dr. Elko, NV 89801. I'm having a blast! I'm offering special pricing of 20% today!

Taking orders

Welcome new friends who saw me at the Highland Village Holiday Fashion and More market! I had a blast today and enjoyed meeting all of you! I love working on my creations. It's my outlet and a way to relieve stress. Plus my husband works a lot and I have to fill my alone time or I'll go a little stir crazy! ;) If you saw something today but weren't quite ready to purchase I can still take your order! Please email me @ and I can make you what you'd like! Thanks for your support!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Growth Boards!

I've been keeping busy around my little town of Elko, NV! Recently I've joined the Elko NV Yardsale Facebook group and have been selling these growth boards and they are quite the hit around these parts. :) I have a lot of fun painting or staining an 8in x 6ft board and then adding vinyl decals to represent the measuring marks. Plus I'm offering to customize it however my customer would like. So I've been adding names and cute phrases and I think they are all Way Cute! I add a sawtooth hanger on the back so all my customers have to do is hang it 6in off the ground and then use a Sharpie to mark the heights. Some have even transferred old markings that were on door trims or on the walls somewhere already in their home to this new board!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Keeping BUSY on Etsy!!!

I've been working real hard on my Etsy shop! I have so much fun sewing, I think it's because it's something my mom taught me to do when I was young and I finally have the confidence that I'm good at it. So I thought maybe someone else would like something I can make? Well 546 sales later and a 5 star rating I think it is safe to say people like what I make! Here is my most popular item I sell.
Please head to my shop and browse around! My specialty is designing for a baby's 1st birthday celebration. If you have a theme and you'd like a onesie to match please get in touch with me through my Etsy shop or through email Thanks!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tahj's secial order

Another special order for the birthday boy! I used my Silhouette for everything except the Angel A. I found the image online and then hand traced it. You can see the professional pictures by visiting my friend Wendy's photography blog. Thanks for the referral Wendy!

Recent special orders

I made a sale on eBay to Shevaun from Taft, CA. I set her a message saying I was from Bakersfield and she was the closet sale I have made to someone near my hometown. We hit it off and are Facebook buddies now. Her cute little twins turned one recently and she contacted me about making something special for them to wear on their big b-day. Here is what we came up with! Can you guess the theme? I used my trusty Silhouette and went to work!

Both of the babies had pretty long names that wouldn't fit so we used Boy and Girl, it must be an inside joke why the babies are each called that. ;)

Look at this super cute tutu that has part of a straw skirt added to it to match the b-day theme.

Car Seat Covers

I have made a Car Seat Cover for each one of my sisters when they were have a new little baby. Camille was up next. Here is the one I made for her and little Seth using this tutorial I found on Pinterest. I liked this pattern the best because when flipped up you can still grab the car seat handle securely. The first ones I made did not do that. You had to grab the handle with the fabric over top of it. It worked but this new pattern seems much safer and secure when carrying the car seat.

 My friend Beverlee from Bakersfield, Ca just had a little girl named Zoee. I had to make her a car seat cover too! The owl was an extra special touch because that was the theme the mommy was going with.